ERT – Excellence in Real Time!

Are you nearing burnout?

If so, practicing ERT (Excellence in Real Time) will give you a strategy that keeps you from digging a deeper hole — which means you’re consistently:

Using your best judgment

Making effective choices for yourself
and those around you.

ERT comes from learning to live thoughtfully, with clarity, peak performance and sustained excellence in all of your daily life, and not just when crunch time comes.

Your Pace of Life

If you’re like most of us, you can’t seem to get away from a sense that your own pace of life, too often, seems unbearably demanding. We’re living the midst of increasingly complex, even frantic, human and technological interactions. Many, probably you included, respond by adopting a personal intensity model just to get things done. Without conscious reflection, you work faster, harder and longer.

But, are you working smarter?

Your Priorities

Your real priorities become tangled in a mass of other details crying out for attention. What should you tackle right now, and what can be delayed or discarded? Rather than pausing and asking these questions, you press on in a relentless mission to “do it all.” So, in a panicky rush to finish your report for a committee meeting first thing next morning, you ignore your child’s need for you to have a look at an essay due tomorrow in class.

How do you decide what you should tackle right now?


Is your sense of being overwhelmed making you feel exhausted? Are you lacking personal vitality, sensing diminished professional effectiveness and dissatisfaction with your personal life? In short, are you burning out?

What can be done about it?

Real Time Solutions

ERT is an immediately operative method to help you achieve clarity, separate and rank priorities, and focus, in the moment, on what’s really important to you and all who come into your life personally and professionally.

The Goal

So, the goal of ERT is to enable you to apply, in real time, effective tools for exercising good judgment, making better choices and enjoying a more balanced way of life throughout each day.

What are the three central tenants of ERT? [Click here]

Live Presentations

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